My ego treats people like dirt

Makes me rude and sarcastic 

It makes me fall & hurt 

Makes me act extra dramatic

It’s all fun & games 

till it burns & maims

My ego adds on the cynical

It is something very sinister

When i end up locked up & clinical

Please don’t call the minister 

Why am i so entitled?

Why is my mouth so unbridled?

My ego has no shame

It holds grudges

It likes to play games

Its stubborn & never budges

My ego makes me have nightly screams 

From my loins i yell

It makes me bust at the seams

Makes me feel like I’m in hell 

My ego makes me pick fights

With tongue & arm

It always thinks it’s right

& ignore all the harm its done

My ego gets me in trouble

It makes me hit the rubble

It gets me in rage & anger

I want to burn down the park & ranger

My ego gives me false pride

Bc i have low self esteem

It makes me want to hide 

& my integrity i can not redeem 

My ego makes me tell lies

I forget what i said

It thinks there are evil spies 

& all i see is blood red:

Spilling & i am always the villain 

My ego makes me feel i can fly

I do things without thinking

It leaves me high & dry

Like my life is shrinking 

My ego keeps me paranoid

It makes me feel annoyed

& i tend to avoid:

People & places

I runaway from their faces

& i’m off to the races:

To gamble & ramble 

My ego doesn’t let me sit still

It makes my mind ill

My ego makes me feel rated

Berated & hated

My ego i like to stroke

But when people come around i choke

The bear you should not poke

The last cigarette i will smoke 

My ego has no hope

no one can help not even the pope

All i can think of is smoking dope 

just pass me the hanging rope

My ego inflates it charges rates

It changes dates

it rapes

My ego makes me feel little

it’s like a head & emotional cancer

Makes my bones brittle

& tells me i’m a bad dancer

Which i’m not!

My ego keeps me poor

makes me ask for more

Makes me close the door

On the past

Makes me not eat & fast

So i can lose weight & hopefully find a mate 

Makes me feel like im coming in last 

My ego is like an ash 

From the burning fire

I sell it for cash

I need a maid to hire

To clean up my life

& help me find a wife 

But in reality my ego makes me crash

I prefer to smash 

I lash out 

I also sit & pout

I know my poem is elementary

But we are in a state of emergency

My ego made me lose my virginity & my dignity

It bruises, uses & abuses 

It’s ruthless & useless

My ego i need to let go 


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