5 Benefits of Therapy

1 – Awareness

It is very difficult to fix an issue when we are not aware it is there. In therapy we are the subject of conversation, our joys, sadness, fears, happiness, etc. In those talks many thoughts and feelings come out,  even things that had been buried deep down for years. When these things come out then we can begin to heal. If they stay inside it will continue to hurt us. 

2 – Self-Discovery

Many times we think we know oneself well but in therapy that exploration is taken to a deeper level. Here we figure out what truly makes us tick in a positive and negative way. How other people, places, things and situations affects us and also how we can better deal with it this ongoing newfound information. 

3 – Out of the Darkness

Exposing our deepest darkest thoughts is cathartic to our soul. Holding in those feelings is toxic and can only continue to make us feel heavy and trapped. Giving it light means it can not be used against us because we took the initiative to expel it and thus we have power over it instead of it holding us hostage any longer. 

4 – Coping Tools

In therapy we learn healing mechanisms. How to better handle situations and relationships. What works better in certain scenarios. Taking responsibility for our own thought patterns and behaviors. Integrity, Gratitude, Exercises, CBT, Meditation, Workbook, Diet; these are a few examples of tools that can be delegated to your continued health.

5 – Goals

The therapist and you can devise a plan of action. You have some accountability to yourself for meeting objectives. Having direction is a good way to measure personal success. Examples: make an amends list, reduce shopping habits, read and write daily, practice mindfulness, yoga, work on forgiveness, learn acceptance. 

“We have control and power to decide what we think and how we act but not how others do”


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