I’m a Bad Writer and Still I Will Not Stop

I have horrible grammar and punctuation. I paid very little attention in school growing up and I dance to my own tune. I probably have some sort of dyslexia and my handwriting is worse than a doctor’s. I still write though I even published a book which got some downloads and good reviews. Even this blog has gotten more views than I ever imagined it would. That is not the reason I write though. I write to express myself to get my thoughts and feelings out and what is more to share with the world so that somehow I feel connected or at the very least not alone. Writing is from the soul and the heart for me not as much from the mind. I am gentle with myself and don’t put too much pressure on my performance. I don’t listen to the outside world and its judgment, I enjoy writing and my life. Writing is for fun and once it becomes more than just that it’s when it will die for me. Thank You to the supporters and Thank You to the haters too.


      1. You’re very welcome!

        I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t. Or you’re a particular cup of coffee for only particular people. 🙂


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