My addiction and recovery from Alcohol My story with alcohol didn’t start until I was 21. The legal drinking age. My friends that I hung with we’re all younger than me so for my 21st birthday I drank a lot of my father’s alcohol, got drunk in my house and ended up crying on my bathroom floor. Pretty pathetic, I know! I met my first husband in a bar he worked at in 1994. So the beginning of our relationship was getting drunk and hanging where he worked. We married after 6 months(I was pregnant with our first child) I turned into another person when I drank..sometimes fun..sometimes mean. My first marriage was very abusive..mentally and verbally .I stood in that nightmare for 13 years until he got another woman pregnant and left me. Looking back..that was a blessing! I don’t hate the woman..she freed me of that monster! But still after the divorce I felt one could ever love me(the lies my ex told me as a controlling factor) I started drinking heavily. I was always out..never there for my kids. I hooked up with men..didn’t care. It was so wrong. Fast forward to 2011 I met my now husband in ..surprise a bar! I knew his brother and sister in law so to me he wasn’t a total stranger. Our first encounter I was hammered! He had to sit me down! I was all over the place. We went through our first year together drinking a lot. But me more!! I was drunk everyday! To the point of either passing out or blacking out! The beginning of the end of my drinking came on July 21st when we got so drunk we fought(we did that A LOT) so bad we went in the middle of our street and a neighbor called the cops! My husband was leaving, I was going to sleep when they showed up at my house. I don’t recall it all but basically i remember the cop said..break up or quit drinking. Well the next man was gone my mom and kids were mad at me and I had a bad hangover. It was time time for a change!! So as of July 22nd 2012..I never drank again. What keeps me sober? I know how awful I was when I was drinking! I hope my story encourages at least one person to know you too can change!


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