10 Tips on How To Navigate Healthy Relationships

1 – Acceptance

Accept the person exactly where and who they are. Do not try to change them or control them. Do not wish they were different. Know they are full of faults and will make mistakes often.

2 – Forgiveness

Just like you need forgiveness the other person does too. Never accept abusive talk or behavior. Do allow for human error and mistakes. 

3 – Trust

Whether you truly trust or not is up to you but the actual merit of choosing to trust them is enough to protect yourself from wondering if they are being honest or not.

4 – Kindness

Allowing the other person to be who they are is a great way for both people to grow in relationships. Being cruel helps no one.

5 – Respect

Treating others as one would like to be treated is important for a successful partnership. Even not saying something hurtful can allow relationship to blossom 

6 – Compromise

Many times one will have to let go of a thought or a decision in order to keep the peace. Do not impose your ideas on others and let situations develop freely. 

7 – Lower Expectations

If you have zero expectations you will have zero disappointments. No one person can humanly fulfill your needs and desires 100% so not putting that type of pressure on someone else is effective. 

8 – Integrity

Being honest with oneself is important to a successful life in general and it applies in relationships too. Never lose sight of your true self and do not allow others to change you either

9 – Support

Whether it is emotional or psychological, supporting another person is a turning point and can elevate the relationship to a higher degree.

10 – Choose to Be Happy Not Right

Even if the facts show you are correct but it is causing arguments then it is fine to let the situation go and let the other person believe they have a “win”. Sometimes relationships may feel like a contest of wits but the winner is the one that fights less, choose peace. 


You can only change yourself, this is about how you effectively deal with others not about how others deal with you, focus on you. 


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